WISHAB dry sponge and dry powder
soft, hard, extra-hard (akapad) 
for the conveniant dry cleaning of soiling on walls, ceilings, pictures, frescoes, mural paintings, wallpaper, paper, textiles, coats of paint etc.
guilders cushion
14 x 22 cm, or 16 x 26 cm
guilders knife, 16 cm, double-edged
guilders sieve
extrafine Ø 26 cm & 20 cm
tools to engrave in chalk
pointed, semicircle, flat, in different sizes and styles
one tool for mounting both gilders tip-brush and goldsize-brush simultaneously
Poliment brush
Agate polishing stone
application-kit for imitation gold
guide: "Vergolden" in German language
written by Hans Kellner, 208 pages