Mozartgold gastro - edible gold leaves

Fashion your cuisine more sophisticated with genuine goldleaves! Professionals have been using the effect of the most impressive of all metals on their creations for centuries - gold is edible.

GASTRO GoldAs food-colour E175 (EC-regulation) our goldleaves are edible without hesitation. Also because we use high 23 carat gold without exception, which we produce in our factory since 1906 at the highest levels of careful craftmanship.

Available in the decorative glas-shaker in 200mg, 500mg, and 1000mg in crumbles and flakes, both gold and silver. Amaze your dear guests at a festive occasion or make the event  a special one by using sparkling gold flakes and crumbles - "gold for eating".


Soups, chocolate, cakes and pies, cheese, fruits, salads, transparent beverages and liquids. No more borders set to your fantasies with our goldflakes and goldcrumbles, because we make gold edible!


goldcrumbles (to strew, scatter, etc.) 

 goldflakes (to lay on, etc.)

„The quarrel about origin and invention of the „Wiener Schnitzel“ is still going on. It's only certain that it has to be made of veal.

Just like the „Pariser Schnitzel“. Because the French prefer a lighter cuisine they leave out the breadcrumbs in their way of coating. The finished „Pariser Schnitzel“ nearly looks like gilded – that this is pure intention, is proved by the history of cuisine.

In the splendid past aristocracy loved to have their meals gilded. Coated with goldleaves the dishes looked great and it's told that they have been healthy as well. But as the gold became more and more expensive resourceful chefs invented the bread-coating as an optic replacement. Up to present days a good „Wiener Schnitzel“ should have a coating that looks like gold.“


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