Die Geschichte der Goldschlägerei WAMPRECHTSAMER

Behind the company in the Viennese Kendlerstraße there is a long and alternating history: The enterprise was founded in 1906 by the native Styrian Alois Wamprechtsamer. 



The son of a joiner originally learned the trade in Graz and completed his ability as a journeyman at different companies at home and abroad. World War I meant the first economic breakdown for the workshop. While Wamprechtsamer was drafted to fight at the front, his wife Sophie did her best to keep the production going.
Upon return he and his three in the meantime grownup children took great efforts to reestablish their undertaking. And they succeeded, until the Second World War eliminated almost everything Wamprechtsamer ever built up.




The company had to be shut down, as the central bank didn´t release any finegold for manufactoring. The only son who should take over the business was killed. But the 70 year old man didn´t want his lifework to be ruined. Together with his daughter Anna and two old journeyman he started right from the beginning, because the workmanship of goldbeating in Austria was in danger of dying out.

After 2 years of russian captivity the son-in-law Josef Hofmann came home and learned the craft. He and his wife Anna took much effort of enlarging the company, as after the war more and more leaf-gold was needed for the re-build-up (Staatsoper, Burgtheater, chirches, monuments). 

Next to come is his son Peter, the third generation. At the early age of 14 he starts as an apprentice and passes his master craftsman examination after only 7 years with distinction. From 1964 he leads the enterprise in a futureoriented manner and can enlarge and modernise it due to his hughe engagement as well as his ability of building up business relations. In the year of 1989 the company has been entitled to use the Austrian National Coat of Arms by Ing. Dittrich, former President of the Chamber of Commerce. In this period the company runs through its biggest development. Until 1997 his 85 years old mother supported him. 



Since 2003 the position of the executive manager is filled by his son Philipp, who learned the business from scratch. Equiped with a profound economic education obtained at the HAK II (commercial academy) in Vienna he benefits from great experience provided by father and grandmother. Now Philipp and Peter  lead the company supported by cousin Christopher Hofmann by giving their special attention to highest quality, satisfied customers and of course tradition in craftsmanship. Now 106 years after foundation the fourth generation stands for the indestructible existence of ALOIS WAMPRECHTSAMER.